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5 Online Task Management Software for Startups and Solopreneurs

For anything that has to do with organization and project management, you might want to check out awesome features that online task management software have to offer.

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If you’ve been relying on using a pen and paper for anything that has to do with organization, then you might be missing out on some awesome features that online task management software have to offer.  

Some people would still rely more on the ever-reliable pen and paper – and you really can’t blame them. There is something about manually putting a check or crossing out something on your list that is so gratifying. However, there are just some benefits that having your own online task manager can give that pen and paper cannot provide.

And for this post, we’ll be looking at five of the most helpful online task managers for solopreneurs and startups.

What is an online task management software?

A task management tool is used to track individual or group tasks. The online task manager may be free or premium applications and runs either LAN-based or web-based mode. Some features include:

  • Generation of reports
  • Assignment of tasks
  • Real-time reports
  • Foster team collaboration

Why do you need a task management software?

Numerous companies work with different consultants; and usually the checking of work happens to be exceptionally troublesome. Getting up-to-date with a project’s progress usually takes a face-to-face meeting, an online conference call, or back-and-forth email correspondence.

What makes it more challenging is that consultants mostly work remotely. Moreover, solopreneurs and founders, most of the time, work away from the workplace –attending meetups, organizing occasions, and meeting clients/customers, etc.  

There is definitely a need to make project management a little less daunting and will require less time and effort for both the manager and consultant.  This is where a good online task management software can be of great help to work teams – especially for those who are working remotely.

What are the benefits?

For startup and solopreneurs, nothing is more essential than ensuring that everybody on your team is always on the same page. Remaining updated is the most critical step of collaboration. With the use of online task management, you can easily assign tasks to anyone and monitor the progress of your team in real time.   

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing online task management software is that you can easily collaborate on larger projects. Online task managers allow everyone to share documents, timelines, and status updates so that you can monitor how much left to finish the task or project.

Real-time correspondence is also one of the biggest benefits. For example, if anyone from the team has questions or concerns, they can easily get answers without the need for back-and-forth email correspondence.  And on the off chance that anybody is uncertain or has forgotten any of the tasks, they can simply check online task manager for team to perceive what should be done and where they currently are in terms of task completion.

Here are some online task management software that you can use:

5 Online Task Management Software for Startups and Solopreneurs

1. Trello

Trello is the most popular online task management tool around. This tops our list because it is one of the free, yet most versatile online task management software available. The best part of this service is that it allows you to create unlimited boards, lists, cards, checklists, and attachments. Basically, it’s a free online task management tool that has premium features. Trello is perfect for new businesses that are boot-strapping.

Our team is a huge fan of Trello - check out some common use cases of Trello here!

2. Basecamp

Basecamp has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces. There are a number of well-known large corporations that use Basecamp to track projects and tasks via its to-do lists feature. One feature that separates Basecamp from the rest is that it takes all the updates on one task or topic, strings those together, and sends the collated report to your inbox.   

The main drawback to Basecamp is that it’s a paid service. There is a free trial though, and you won't get charged until your trial is up. There is also a half-off rate for foundations and non-profits, which is an enormous win for some. Lastly, regardless of its cost, the paid variant offers boundless clients and activities, unlike other online task management software.

3. Wrike

Wrike offers brilliant task administration highlights. For example you can set up adaptable dashboards and reports. It also has straightforward setup necessities and supports an unlimited number of ventures. The Wrike platform also incorporates an extensive variety of tool integrations; for example, Google Drive, SurveyMonkey, Slack, and HubSpot can be integrated seamlessly.

The service is free for up to five users and is only around $10 a month for each user on their Professional plan. Wrike is one of the best choices for a small team that needs a do-all online project management tool.

4. Asana

Asana is a web and mobile-based platform and one of the most popular online task management software around.  The service is free for up to 15 users; thus, making it a great choice for solopreneurs and startups. Their premium service costs about $10 a month for each member and gives you access to advanced features like ‘Timeline’ and custom reports.

Asana’s best feature is its calendar function that allows you to easily adjust your schedule whenever there’s an overlap regarding specific assigned tasks. Moreover, Asana lets you assign administrators to manage your team members and set security controls to ensure your team’s security.

Continuous correspondence is also guaranteed with dialog sheets appended to singular assignments and task outlines. Due dates, document connections, and integration with Dropbox and Google Drive can also be incorporated into your work processes.

5. 10000ft

When it comes to online task management software, 10000ft is absolutely one of the best. There are two primary zones for overseeing projects in 10,000ft. The first one comprises of a task dashboard. This is where you can plan and see every one of the subtle elements around an individual task - like stages, assignments (for both your group and placeholders for staffing needs that haven't yet been filled), notes, and expectations.

The second zone consists of managing resources. You can set up a dashboard that shows monetary allowance, consumption, and gauges over/under for time, charges, and costs. For a project management software, 10000ft gives you the full package – allowing you to manage both team tasks and resources.


Task management is, therefore, an important process that allows supervisors to monitor the time employees spend on a task, the ongoing and completed tasks, and an employee’s workload and performance. This information can be used to balance workloads, forecast bottlenecks, and guard against delays and missed deadlines.

There are numerous online task management softwareall over the web and you just need to search what features you need that fits your money and company needs. These tools will unquestionably enable you to sort out tasks/resources and achieve both short and long haul objectives while never spending more than you can or need to.

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